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Natasha Malinsky

NYC Kids Tours originated when ShopNYC Tours owner, Natasha Malinsky, experienced dozens of teens and their parents, not only shopping, but learning about fashion and New York City on their Teen Fashion Tours. It was then that Natasha developed the concept of New York City being a classroom and called on her mother, Rhonda Rockwell, an educator for over 25 years with Master's Degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and California University of Pennsylvania.

With Natasha's love for NYC and experience running tours, and Rhonda's background in education, combining the element of NYC with the classroom seemed like a natural fit. To illustrate the value of the experiences they were planning for the children, they also decided to target specific educational standards of various states (including NY and PA) during the kids tours.

Rhonda Rockwell has worked with children and curriculum for 25 years and began writing standards based educational objectives when the state implemented them. She first developed enriching educational experiences for children in outlying rural areas near Pittsburgh, PA. For these enrichment programs, Rhonda enlisted the Carnegie Science Center of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, University of Pittsburgh Foreign Language and International Studies Department, and Pittsburgh's own Children's Theatre.

Rhonda has been thrilled to work with NYC Kids Tours because their plan to make NYC your classroom is "an exciting way for children to have experiences that leave a lasting impression and inspiration for life-long learning."

Rhonda Rockwell explained that NYC Kids Tours' idea to target educational standards during their tours is an idea whose time has come. Rockwell explained further, "Research has shown that as a child learns, if they are making numerous and varied associations, then that information is more easily recalled and available to build upon."

Rhonda Malinsky
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